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With true quality underground music, there is no such thing as artificial. Simply “art” expressed in sync with its vision. As a Vegas local, Fx Logik has stayed… loyal to the speed garage sound as a Producer/DJ since 2001 and declines to compromising his style even when his town is saturated by commercial EDM clubs earning Las Vegas the reputation in local papers as “The New Ibiza”.

His speed garage productions and DJ mixes have been released by various independent record labels across the world, and he is responsible for a short-lived vinyl distribution company that imported and exported thousands of speed garage records across North America before the near death experience of the vinyl industry altogether.

Since 2005, Logik has performed live PA and DJ sets gigging around the United States and also broadcasted live on FM and internet radio stations worldwide. Today, he can be recognized as part of “Filthy Logik” an entity started as a collaboration with his true love in life & music: DJ Madam Filth. The duo organizes music events showcasing dedicated international speed garage DJ’s as well as hot underground semi-local talent with a goal to build an organic well deserved scene for speed garage music in the United States that also supports other music styles that have similar influences such as fidget house and jungle.


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