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Laylae is a tireless promoter of techno music scene who brought bass sounds to various underground parties. Her captivating sound spans the ears and blends genres of body-r​ockin’ techno music; she seamlessly concentrates on bringing a much-needed shift in the music scene, and musically educating the masses through certain theme-based audio elements.

You can find her performing in underground clubs from Berlin, Paris, Prague like Club R19, Mensch Meier, Beateuwe, Raw Temple, Ava, Raw Paris, Opa Paris, Abstrakt Prague, Parukarka Bunkr Prague, Clubs in Slovenia: Klub K4, Monokel, Cvetlicarna, Tiffany, Gala Hala, Sputnik, Ostriga, Orto, Przan, Festival like Exit Festival, Eco Festival, No Boom For Us, holding down residencies in clubs and radios as part of global female:pressure collective. Host of the Forward radio show on, and where you can hear perspective female DJ mixes every weekend.

Finalist of Miller Soundclash (Jury: Mixmag, Mixcloud, Miller), 2014
Finalist of SYLD (Support Your Local DJ), 2011

Data Tech, Fett Recordings, Big Mamas House, Antartic Records, Destination Skyline, Mood Indigo, LTHM, Technosession Records, LAD, Momentum League, Minimal Nerds, High Pro-File Recording, Complex Textures, Rimoshee Traxx, Music Is The Drug, Professional RockStars, Maura Records, LW Recordings, Momentum, League, LTHM, LAD, 13z Rec, Break Under, Filthy Groovin, Coalition, Desitnation Skyline, Electrico, Groove Division, Incense, Kubic, Messerheld, Noise Planet, Perception Corp, Robotic, Tainted Buddah, Tainted Hefestos, Trackord, Chira-Chara Recordings, Complex Textures, Hocus Pocus Records, Chira-Chara Recordings, Filthy Groovin Records,…