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Electronic and BASS music producer, mixer and DJ Wutam makes emotion-grabbing music, mixes and colorful soundscapes that tell personal, absorbing stories and bond listeners together through blissful melodies, bass and rhythms. His engaging live sets, intricate recordings and inventive collaborations with other artists demonstrate his technical proficiency and the artistry he has developed through decades of studying the deep dimensions of sound and hands-on experience making improvisational music in the studio and in clubs worldwide. Wutam’s ability to push the boundaries of sound quality by combining fresh instrumental and vocal layers with memorable hooks and edgy accents in his recordings and improvisational live sets has made him in high demand as a sonic artist and has helped him create many memorable tracks both on his own and with top producers, musicians and mix engineers

Wutam’s creative journey began while listening to classic rock and heavy metal on vinyl and radio and exploring his own musical talents through saxophone, guitar and piano in his childhood home. Ever fascinated by the music-making process, he started building and installing stereos, which introduced him to the bass-heavy music of South Florida and sparked him to begin seriously studying the DJing and mixing craft by experimenting on his computer. He purchased his first set of Technics 1200 turntables and began DJ’ing professionally throughout Florida and the East Coast in the early ‘90s, eventually landing a regular gig at The Limelight in New York City. After releasing a collaboration of three tracks with a fellow DJ on Tweak Records in Miami, he got an MPC2000XL and began to work with DJ J-Break on his song “Rokit,” which led to a recording contract with dPulse/Sony BMG/Universal Music Group and work with many other artists on both vinyl and digital releases.
Wutam has held residencies in major electronic and house clubs throughout the U.S., including The Limelight in New York City and Club Cyberzone in Orlando. He has also been involved in major national tours and played celebrated live sets at Ultra Music Festival, the Winter Music Conference in Miami and The Love Parade in San Francisco. Wutam has collaborated on releases, tours and other major projects with talented artists including J-Break, Dynamix II, Jackal & Hyde, DJ Fixx, Infiniti, Filth & Splendour, Sasha and many others. Additionally, his music inspired a limited edition shirt from Robert Graham called “The Wutam.”
Committed to continued growth as a producer and mixer, Wutam continues to fine-tune his skills by challenging himself in the studio and formally studying advances in the electronic music industry. He has studied under Grammy-nominated EDM mixing and mastering engineer Luca Pretolesi, has taken an advanced mix and master class with renowned producer Daniel Wyatt and recently attended Dubspot for mixing and mastering. He is currently finishing work on an 11-track solo album and recently launched his own label, Prism Recordings, which will feature his own music and collaborations with other artists as well as products for the audio industry that are in the development and prototype stages.